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    Usually, we have ideas that, in our lovely head, look special to us and, when implemented, they are deflated. With NRG it's not like that! From the very first moment, with the simplest brightening, reality surpasses expectations. Directly and efficiently, NRG team does not simply perform but produces the best result in terms of aesthetics and quality. Besides, this is why we have been partners for so many years : common demands, common dreams and a common course in creativity.

    Sylia Ioannidou
    Strategy & creative manager SIGMA TV CYPRUS & DIAS PUBLISHING ​
    During the 35 years I’ve been working in film and television I’ve always made a point of getting to know the people I’ll be collaborating with before we agree to work together. I began working with NRG before I’d gotten to know them, having heard a lot of positive feedback about their work. Trust and appreciation soon followed. We have collaborated on many recordings with well-known actors and recording artists, always with stellar results. Their professionalism is worthy of true respect and is the main reason behind our continued collaboration
    Memas Vlachopoulos
    R/C & Cinema Production Manager / SPOT JWT ATHENS

    With NRG we have been working for many years and now they are among the most stable and precious partners of TSSO.
    In a symphony orchestra that has a concert with a different theme each week, and often two different schedules a week, you need your partner's speed, flexibility, inspiration and quality in the end result. There was no 'strange' idea or special requirement that they could not implement. The ever-growing audience presence in our concerts, mostly young audiences, has NRG's stamp.

    Nikos Kyriakoy
    Thessaloniki State Syphony Orchestra / Marketing Director