We record Greek, in Greece

GreekVoices is a vertically integrated audio production company, based in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, that specializes in every kind of voice application that has to do with Greek speech localization​


We have more than 20 years of expertise at voice over services, which can be applied to any audio project, made for professional media use​

We work daily with a talented group of native Greek voice talents and actors  (inhouse and freelancers), broadcasters, producers, and copywriters, who can deliver even the most complex audio project, in the shortest possible time

Our comfortable modern recording studios, featuring the latest technology in hardware ,software, and sound equipment, together with our helpful stuff ,offer a pleasant and productive working environment to our clients​

Greek Voices is powered and inspired by NRG Productions Greece.

And what about pricing?

Suitable prices based on your needs

Choosing our voice services (voiceover recordings, audio editing and production, voice booking etc), means that you will get the most suitable prices, even according to your budget, if possible!. Our accountants will try to adjust our quotes to your special project and client needs.

Charging methods according to project

We charge fees based on the length of your script and how the audio will be used. For example a fee per minute If it is a long corporate or audiobook project, or a fee per spot, if it is a TV or radio commercial aired in Greece or Cyprus, based on national, regional or local charging rules.

No hidden extra fees, all costs for producing your audio are agreed with details before ordering.

Get a quote in less than 1 hour

Send us your inquiry at the contact page, and you will get our quote in the next 60 minutes.

Our client service is always online and ready to answer to your mails or calls!

Payments MADE Easy and fast

We accept payments via Paypal and wire Bank transfer.

The prices include any necessary corrections or retakes. Any changes to the script made by you, will be charged with a % extra fee, with all usage rights cleared.


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Greek Voices team

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Digital media
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